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The Certified Professionals
Dust, Debris and Allergens removed with 5000 CFM's of Suction!
Call 404-788-9000 for cleaner, healthier indoor air !
Indoor Air Quality inspections utilizing a Laser Particle Counter 
to discover exactly the amount of airborne particulate in your building!



  • The Duct Cleaning Industry is populated by many firms that use deceptive trade practices. 
  • Does a $99 Duct Cleaning Special pass the through the filter of Common Sense?
  • A good job is never cheap, and a cheap job is never good.  No HVAC system's coils,drain pans,registers, grills, air plenum, blower motor and assembly, heat exchanger, and filters can be properly cleaned according to the "Industry Standard of Care" for below $ 500.00. 
  • Reputable companies don't use bait and switch or upcharges to grow their business. 
  • HVAC system cleaning involves not only the cleaning of the ductwork, but must include the cleaning of ALL of the components of the HVAC system: Coils,Drain Pans,Registers, Grills, Air Plenum, Blower motor and assembly, Heat exchanger, Filters.

The 2 key components of HVAC cleaning are: Breaking Contaminants Loose and The Collection of Contaminants.

HVAC system cleaning is not a complex process, but every job is unique because no 2 systems are  the same. Access for cleaning tools through service openings and their subsequent closure require craftsmanship and professional skills.

Antimicrobial chemical application should be considered very seriously.  Applying chemicals into a system can cause considerable harm to occupants that are chemically sensitive.  Registered EPA approved chemicals should only be used if their appliction is required. 

Call 404-788-9000 for an inspection by our IICRC Indoor Enviornmental Professional.


Duct Cleaning  by our professionally trained staff creates indoor air and a heating and air conditioning system that are as clean as they can be!

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Portable True HEPA

Air Purifiers


We can design air purifiers specifically for your application!